Client: Image Comics
Date: October 2013

'Prey' for the Thought Bubble Anthology

Every year the Thought Bubble Sequential Arts Festival publishes a comics anthology featuring new work from the festival’s biggest guests as well as new talent such as that year’s winner of their annual Comic Art Competition. All profits from these anthologies go to the children’s charity Barnardos. 

In 2013 I was asked by festival co-organiser Clark Burscough to provide the art for his contribution, a one-page story called ‘Prey’. Thought Bubble is my favourite comic show to attend so I was more than happy to work with Clark and contribute to such a good cause.

I really enjoyed designing the tusked creature known as Bjorgolf the Wise and his family, and colouring the piece to create an unfamiliar sense of place and time – there’s no green grass or blue skies for example. I also drew the line work for this page with a soft pencil rather than ink, a detail which showed up well in the original over-sized newsprint comic but can be lost when printed smaller or when viewed on a screen.

Prey was first published in the Thought Bubble Anthology 2013.
Cover art by Alice Duke.

Published 30th October 2013 by Image Comics.

Prey is also featured in the Thought Bubble Anthology Collection, celebrating 10 years of the festival and collecting 5 years of the annual anthology comics. Cover art by Eleanor Davis.

Published 5th October 2016 by Image Comics.  
ISBN: 978-1534300675