Pet Hates

A series of etiquette posters for Manchester's tram network.

I was invited by TfGM to pitch for this job to illustrate a series of posters (and collectible magnets) to discourage anti-social behaviours commonly found on Greater Manchester’s Metrolink trams. The idea was to show animals displaying these ‘pet hates’ to produce a fun and engaging series of images across the whole tram network.

The 7 posters were staggered in their release to create some speculation and intrigue about what the remaining Pet Hates would be. As well as the platform posters, floppy magnets could be found on the back of tram seats to take home and collect.

The campaign received a lot of positive responses from the public and I like to think the sense of fun, hidden jokes and accurate details I put into these illustrations was a big part of that.

Client: Transport for Greater Manchester
Date: September 2016

Design Corner

Each poster was designed so all the important elements were in a central square, so the images could be shared on social media more easily. This left space on top or bottom for logo placement. I designed and proposed a retro-graffiti style logo to go with the anti-social behaviour theme but the team at TfGM went with their in-house designs for a trading card style rounded border to make the collectible magnets more appealing.