Penny Dreadful

Cover art for issue #2.7

Client: Titan Comics
Date: November 2017

Penny Dreadful #2.7

The Penny Dreadful TV series (a Sky/Showtime co-production) was right up my alley. Characters from classic horror novels cross paths in the foggy, cobbled streets of Victorian London. The show had impeccable gothic design and was written in a way that both honoured and poked fun at the genre.

When I was asked by editor Lizzie Kaye to provide a cover for the second comic series I was delighted. The first comic series was a prequel to season 1 of the show. The second comic series follows on from the events of the third and final season of the show, so could be considered season 4 in comic form.

It was a challenge and an honour to draw the distinguished face of the great Timothy Dalton for my cover. I put a lot of work into this one redrawing Dalton’s character, Sir Malcolm Murray, numerous times. I think the end result captures the mood of the series as well as the character’s inner conflict.