Blood Blokes

A 6 issue comic series about slacker vampires in Manchester.

For University drop-out Vince an eternity with nothing to do sounds ideal until he becomes a vampire and finds living forever requires something to live for.

A 150 page dark comedy about growing up and moving on set against the grungy student culture of turn-of-the-millennium Manchester.

Written, illustrated and published by myself.

Client: Personal Work
Date: 2012-2016

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Review Quotes

“An unmissable milestone.”
– P M Buchan, Starburst Magazine

“Black-black-black comedy of Vamps. Dark and lovely.”
– Kieron Gillen (Writer of Darth Vader and The Wicked + The Divine)

“A fun read even if vampires bore you to tears.”
Rich Barrett, Mental Floss

“Vampire fiction for readers who hate vampire fiction… The humour is morbid and inventive, the banter between the cast snappy and naturalistic, and the whole package the very model of strong, character-led comics storytelling… Sharp, knowing and beautifully understated.”
Andy Oliver on Issue #3, Broken Frontier

“What’s so very clever about Blood Blokes is Cadwell’s ability to manipulate the extremes of his audience’s emotions. Moments of acute wit and gross-out slapstick horror sit side-by-side with sequences of deeply affecting pathos. It’s a reminder of the tragi-comedic nature of Blood Blokes and its emphasis on extracting the profoundly human from the utterly inhuman.”
Andy Oliver on Issue #4, Broken Frontier

“Perhaps the strongest art of Cadwell’s career thus far… It’s also really funny.”
Steve Morris, The Spire

“What Cadwell’s doing here is quite effortlessly enjoyable, and the confidence in his storytelling and artwork is just so impressive.”
– Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International

“A real sense of life in his characters means the complete series is a page turner from the very beginning.”
Gary Watson, Comics Anonymous