Posted on Nov 14, 2010 in illustration

4 of 4 character portraits from my upcoming comic ‘Blood Blokes’.


Posted on Oct 18, 2010 in illustration

3 of 4 character portraits from my upcoming comic ‘Blood Blokes’.

The Golden Hawk

Posted on Oct 6, 2010 in illustration

My friend John Stansfield asked me to do some concept art for his sitcom ‘The Golden Hawk’ in order to pitch it to some major TV channels, and because he’s a friend and the scripts are actually hilarious and sharply observed, I did. Here are a two examples that I was particularly pleased with.


Posted on Oct 5, 2010 in illustration

2 of 4 character portraits from my upcoming comic ‘Blood Blokes’. Number 3 next Monday!


Posted on Sep 27, 2010 in illustration

1 of 4 character portraits from my upcoming comic ‘Blood Blokes’.


Posted on Aug 27, 2010 in comics, illustration, news

My entry to the wonderful Covered blog (curated by the equally wonderful Robert Goodin) has gone up on the site today. I drew this back in late June which is an indication of the number of submissions Robert is getting. If you haven’t encountered Covered before treat yourself to a look through the archives as […]

Harvey Pekar

Posted on Jul 15, 2010 in illustration

On Monday I found out via Twitter that Harvey Pekar had died, age 70. I was stopped in my tracks. I was working on a kid’s comic and listening to the B52s but my mood could not have been more somber. I’ve said before that Pekar’s ‘American Splendor’ was my first inspiration to make a […]

Childhood Villains postcards

Posted on Mar 24, 2010 in illustration, news

I’ve had some promotional postcards printed of my Childhood Villains illustrations and they’ve arrived just in time for this weekend’s comic show, the UK Thing 2010, in Mile End, London. It’s a great show bursting with talented artists and self publishing trailblazers so if you’re in London this Saturday come along. I’ll have all my […]


Posted on Jan 7, 2010 in illustration

“Beware the Wheelers?” It took me a while to determine which character would be the final Childhood Villain in this series. I needed six and thought Moominpapa would make a good final choice but I didn’t have six so I had to draw Moominpapa as number 4 and think more about the last two. Judge […]

Judge Doom

Posted on Dec 29, 2009 in illustration

“Holy smokes, he’s a Toon” Fifth in my Childhood Villains series is the sinister, screeching Judge Doom from ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’ (1988) as portrayed by the fantastic Christopher Lloyd. I grew up on steady diet of old Warner and Fleischer Brothers cartoons so I loved seeing all the old cartoon characters in the same […]

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