This coming Saturday I will be exhibiting at the 2nd East London Comics & Art Festival or ELCAF for short, because all the best comic shows end in a ‘CAF’ nowadays. It’s put together by the guys behind NoBrow so you know it’s going to be just the coolest. *puts on sunglasses*

It will be the first UK show where you can buy Blood Blokes 3 and get it signed or get a little doodle in it/on it. You can also get Blood Blokes 1 and 2 of course and The Everyday hardback.

I’ll be joined as ever by Marc Ellerby and our new Great Beast comrades Warwick Johnson-Cadwell and Robert M Ball who has just released his amazing wordless comic Winter’s Knight: Day One, so come see us all and we’ll give you a quadruple high five. A high twenty!

There’s also a plethora of great artists from the UK like John Allison, Isabel Greenberg, Kristyna Baczynski, Jack Teagle etc etc and featured guests from abroad. There’s a lot going on for a one day show, talks on character design and toy hacking workshops, Hoxton Radio broadcasting live, a drawing parade, a nail bar (!?) and place to let a guy draw a temporary tattoo on your for £3! Plus even more stuff!

I’m excited! I’ll see you there right?