Comics Workshop at Webster Primary

Since November 2012 I have been teaching a weekly, 30 minute, Comics Workshop with Year 5 pupils at Webster Primary School in Manchester. I was invited to lead the 2012/13 Literacy project organised by Manchester Metropolitan University in partnership with Loreto College, whose students mentored the children throughout the project.

In the very first session I asked the pupils “Who here thinks they are good at drawing?” Less than a quarter put their hands up. Over the course of 12 sessions they all learned how to tell stories with simple drawings, design their own cartoon characters, write their own jokes, draw with their eyes closed and in the end write and draw a full page comic strip on the theme of bullying.

For the final workshop on 24th April I presented the class with an A4, full colour comic collecting all of their one page stories with a cover drawn by me based on two of the pupils’ cover design ideas. You can read the full comic below.

I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to teach the Webster pupils and the Loreto students that you can tell fun stories even with the simplest drawings. It was great to try different drawing games and exercises with the kids each week and build their confidence at writing, drawing and expressing themselves.

A big thank you to Caroline Davies at MMU for organising the whole thing (and giving me a lift every week), Ann Garner at Loreto who was never less than enthused about the project, all the Loreto students for their valuable assistance and mostly to the Webster kids for making some great comics.