Blood Blokes #2 available for pre-order

Here is the cover for my latest comic Blood Blokes #2 which is now available for pre-order from the Great Beast shop! Buy the comic right now and it will arrive fresh from the printers on July 11th before it hits the shops.

The second issue introduces Mike, Douglas and Arianna, three vampires who spend most of their time arguing about the blood buying rota until Mike witnesses a strange death on New Year’s Eve which leads them all into even weirder territory.

You can download a 7 page preview pdf for free!

Blood Blokes#1 is still available in print for £2.99 or as a digital download for just 99p! Starburst magazine called it “an unmissable milestone in the UK’s re-emergence as a world leader in comics.”

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  • Lee says:

    Missed the signing due to work; but picked up a copy today. Very cool. More comic (as in ha ha) than the 1st issue; but equally impressive.

    I didn’t bother with Dark Shadows as the Burton/Depp dreamteam jumped the shark too long ago; but this is what I’d want in a dysfunctional vampire family.

    Quality work once more.