MCM Expo again and other news

Posted on Oct 27, 2011 in comics, news

It’s time once again for the MCM Expo.

I shall be there this weekend in the Comic Village next to Marc Ellerby as always (and forever). Blood Blokes #1 is back in print and will available to buy from me there as well as The Everyday Collections and the newest Paper Science, issue 6!

There’s more preview photos of PS6 and a few glimpses of the third part of my serialised children’s story The King of Things over on the We Are Words + Pictures blog.

Meanwhile, work on Blood Blokes #2 is well underway. Page 7 sits on my drawing board as I type this. Proof:

I’m really enjoying bringing the vampire characters to life on the page. It’s typical that I’m getting into the swing of working on this just as there’s two huge comic shows coming up. Pfft tut etc.

Speaking of Thought Bubble (this November), I will be there of course, and keep an eye on this blog for news about my involvement with Nelson from Blank Slate Books and EVEN MORE exciting news!!!

That’s all for now, if you’re at the MCM Expo this weekend, please come by and say hello. Halloween candies appreciated.