Art by Gavin Mitchell, logo design by me.

This weekend’s Cardiff International Comic Expo sees the release of Stiffs, a dark comedy set in the hills of South Wales about working stiff/humble zombie hunter Don Daniels and his talking monkey, Kenny McMonkey. If you follow my Twitter you may have seen some glimpses of my work on this comic, but here finally I can reveal the extent of my involvement.

Stiffs was created by the writing team of Joe Glass, Patrick Montgomery and Drew Davies. They enlisted the very talented young artist Gavin Mitchell to provide the atmospheric, Mignola tinged artwork and asked me to come in as colourist and letterer. You’ll be able to read 12 pages of the first Stiffs story in a special double sided preview comic available for the first time this weekend. The other comic in the preview is Joe Glass and Gavin Mitchell’s other creation The Pride, a fresh look at gay and superhero cliches.

It’s been a bit of a winding road to get this comic out there. The original working title was Zombie Death Squad but when preparing the comic for pitching to publishers something without zombie in the title was needed. So the guys came up with Dead Enders, encompassing both the zombies and the drudgery of the cast’s normal lives as call centre workers, social workers and manual labourers.  However, it turned out there was a Vertigo series from 2000 with the same title so it had to change. We all tossed some ideas around and settled on my suggestion of Stiffs, again reflecting the living as well as the undead.

I’m glad to finally get this comic into people’s hands and see what they think of it and also excited to see the series continue. You can keep up with Stiffs’ progress via the Stiffs facebook group currently over 450 members, which isn’t bad at all for a comic that hasn’t been released yet. Or you can follow the creators on Twitter:


So if you happen to be at the show in Cardiff this Saturday makes sure to pick up a copy, and perhaps even a set of badges or a t-shirt too?

And if you’re not in Cardiff this weekend then keep an eye on the Facebook group and this blog, for info about how to buy a copy online very soon.