Lego Mad Men

Lego Mad Men
Just another day at Sterling Cooper.


Pretending to myself that I didn’t have enough work to do at the moment, I recently undertook a little Lego side project; to create a set of Lego minifigures based on the TV show Mad Men. I have long been a fan of Lego, particularly the minifigures, and I’m particularly tickled by the range of little Lego suits that are available, so the idea to do something with them came while watching Mad Men, one of my favourite TV shows right now (I’m currently making my way through season 4).

I have never seriously designed and made my own Lego creation before but from seeing the wide range of possibilities from other Lego fans on Flickr, I decided to have a go myself. All the parts I have used are official Lego pieces, I haven’t customised anything in any way.

I’d say I’m most pleased with how Don, Pete and Joan came out and I’m quite chuffed with the little Sterling Cooper set I made to house them.

There’s a full set of photographs on my Flickr.

Please feel free to leave a comment either here or on Flickr.

UPDATE (28/01/11):

Today my Lego Mad Men are on the homepage of showing up before an interview with Elton John does! That’s just crazy. Here’s the full feature.