What does that word mean? It means that anybody interested in comics from the best, new UK artists should start getting very excited.

The first volume of Solipsistic Pop, or Solpop, or Sloppy Pops, was debuted at last year’s Thought Bubble festival in November and received glowing critical acclaim from The Guardian, The Independent, The Comics Journal and Forbidden Planet International. The second much anticipated volume is released this month, on Wednesday 28th April. More info about the launch party and where to buy it below.

I was invited to contribute to the first book, but for reasons I forget I didn’t submit anything. After seeing how well it turned out though, I was falling over myself to be part of the second book and editor Tom Humberstone was happy to include me. My story is a 6 page tale called ‘The Tears of Tommy Cooper’ and here’s a look at the title page:

If you’re a fan of my webcomic, The Everyday, or short autobio stories in general, then I think you’ll enjoy this.

You’ll first be able to get your hands on a copy at the launch night in London on the 28th. There’ll be bands, comedy, DJs and live drawing. Also, booze. Plenty of booze. See the flyer below and the SP site for more details.
I’ve seen the full gatefold cover design and a pdf of the whole book, and I can tell you it’s going to be a beautiful thing. The main book is 64 pages, B&W with a blue Pantone spot colour, and it comes with a full colour, 12 page newspaper insert and a tote bag. I can’t wait to get a copy myself, and I’d be just as excited even if I wasn’t in it.

Simply put, I can’t foresee a better comic anthology coming out this year, UK or otherwise (unless volume 3 is released in November) and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

(Book cover and flyer artwork by Luke Ferenc Pearson. Flyer design by SP editor Tom Humberstone.)